Saturday, February 20, 2010

200th post -- KG cookzine vers. 1, heart-shapes, unicorns and brownies

Chocolate Midget Cake with Tiny Ganache (pg. 24)

Happy birthday to KG!  It's a 200th poststravaganza of um... well...

... that I finally made that cookzine!  Actually, a while back, I made this in the space of one week, entirely handwritten (legibly) and full of the same recipes I've used since high school to absolutely perfect results, plus some extra new concoctions and no shortage of adorable drawings of FOODS all over thar place!  I'm gonna put it up on my Etsy sometime tonight, so if you want a copy, it'll be real easy.

There's some from the blog, and some new inventions, as well as some from my friends.  Some are veganized versions of comfort food I grew up with (Coconut Peanut Noodles - although growing up we had it on oh-so N. American tri-coloured rotini).  There's the Raw Rosewater Cheesecake in all it's dreamy creamy glory!  My sister added in this amazing Quinoa Salad that relies on copious, copious amount of poppyseeds, and it totally transcends anything I thought it could be.

Hi Satchmo.  =^-^=
(maybe next zine I'll make-a-up some kitty treats?  Catnip nori bites?)

I could also totally get behind a totally-soup zine.  But anyway, the ones in here are good.

Oh yeah!  Speaking of soup, I made a whole million of polenta croutons in twee shapes for a soup yesterday! 

But that's next post.  :D


ken said...

Hello! I just ordered your zine, I've been reading your blog for a while now, I can't even remember how I came across it, but yeah, I'm looking forward to trying some of your creations.


D said...


I would totally appreciate a cat treat recipe, I have a couple of very special cats in my life who I would love to make something for!


Lizzy said...

love it!!
and you should totally go for the soup zine =D
and congrats on the 200th *throws confetti*

Ricki said...

I just went to etsy to look for your zine and couldn't find it. . . where do I look?

T said...

AWESOME! You always have the best recipes, can't wait to snag it!

SEO Services said...

So I’m sitting here with my internet connection flicking ON and OFF and trying almost-and-mostly valiantly to resist running to make Vichyssoise at such an hour of the night that I should be working. But then I remember that brownies (or Ginger-browdnies as they might better be called) require nothing like reliable wi-fi to enjoy at all. They don’t even require that much to talk about. So fire up the notepad I do, and here they are.