Tuesday, December 25, 2007

happy festivus all y'all

I had the most relaxing christmas, at least in terms of cooking. It was pretty blissful, and that's not to say I didn't make anything (oh, I did), but I didn't have to make my own holiday dinner and that was the best present. The best present excluding all my new cooking supplies, that is. I got a spurdle!!!! (to be blogged about later -- my oatmeal's so fluffy now!)

These were my favourite - Crimson Velveteen Cupcakes with Mint Chocolate Chips and Peppermint Icing. They went over so well at my dad's house, even with his entourage of pretty timid (and omnivorous) palates. Such a good combination, and just the perfect bite size for ending a meal of quesadillas - inside of which I had tofurkey slices! They bought me fake turkey and sausage besides for the morning after - I felt so lucky.

Then later back to mom's house, where I find her beaming ear to ear and brandishing these beauties -- aren't they the coolest things ever? They're not vegan, but I just had to post them. I'm also thinking the fiddly-funwork approach to food may be genetic... yep. :D

These thin mints are straight from 101 Cookbooks and I'm urging you, go make them right now! They're like biting into a tender cocoa explosion, super easy to make, gorgeous on a plate, and my sister can fit 4 in her mouth at one time. (by the way, can you tell I'm a nut for chocolate and mint? I am!)

For christmas dinner itself I only had two things to do myself, and here's my five minutes of work to make vegan stuffing. My mom had even baked bread with onions, sage, walnuts and cranberries in it to cut down on time/up the flavour quotient.

The spread! mashers, stuffing, cranberry sauce, coleslaw, yams, squash, sprouts, broccoli, and home-canned pickled beets from the pantry, all covered in portobello & red wine gravy that was already made for me when I got home! It was simple but exactly what I wanted, and I ate to bursting anyway. Who needs a turkey-like element, really? I had sausage for breakfast! :)

I was also in charge of pumpkin pie (lest there be none at the table at all!). No ginger due to allergies, but a hazelnut crust to make up for it, and though the filling was less good than the one I made for thanksgiving that hasn't stopped me from eating the leftovers with a spoon right off the plate. Tee! And the tofu cream I threw together to go with it put all my previous soy-whip attempts to shame, it was damntastic.

Aaaaaaand a shot of cutie Thelma-cat, hiding in a bag full of donation clothes and sterile bandages (we're real linear in our organization around here). Go cat pictures! Happy It's-Cold-So-Let's-Eat Day! I hope everyone felt connected to those they love and at peace with themselves and got funky socks and all that jazz. :PP


Ashasarala said...

I got funky socks! I get them every year and they're too cool. I'll have to post 'em.

You're lucky to have fam that looks out for your vegan ways on holidays. Everything looks so yummy and perfect.

Merry Christmas!

Vegan_Noodle said...

Hazelnut crust on the pumpkin pie sounds yummy! And your little cupcakes sounds perfect! You should definitely post about this spurdle thing because I have no idea what it is....

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Ooh a cocoa explosion?! That sounds more than amazing :o). The foods look great; it was so nice of your family to have vegan things for ya. And the kitty pic is so cute.

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

mmm, such delicious-looking treats!! I love the sound of a hazelnut crust on a pie... yum!! that's great that you got a break from cooking, and didn't have to make your Christmas dinner; and Thelma-cat is quite adorable :0)

happy holidays!!

Ruby Red said...

thelma looks like such a cutie inside that bag, haha!

i love mint chocolate anything - i'm jealous of your goodies!

Rural Vegan said...

Cats in bags!
The crust on that pumpkin pie looks amazing, but I'm dying to know what a "spurdle" is!

Theresa said...

Yum to all your food! Looks like you got spoiled with the vegan goodies given to you and made for you! I got no funky socks, in fact, I haven't worn socks since July... I don't really miss them, either!

Especially love the gorgeous cuppers.

Seitan Said Dance said...

Everything looks so tasty. Adding mint to the Crimson Velveteen cupcakes is a great idea (which I may steal, if that's OK?). And it's wonderful that your whole family is so accommodating and willing to share in your choices.