Friday, December 12, 2008

apocalypse on a sesame seed bun

I can't even feign surprise or indignation over this. Instead of hitting the last vestiges of humanity untouched by fast food culture with bibles or giant stickers that say "Democracy!", why not give them a burger? RIGHT???

This video is adorable and it makes me queasy. I really wanted to scream at them "Don't do it! You'll get hooked on the salt and the strange meat! You'll eventually start craving cheap white bread instead of whatever delicious real food you were serving to those deluded BK-advocates! Put the sandwich down!!!"

Bonus points for everyone who poked it like it was a malformed sea creature. :/



Nicole said...

I agree with everything you said. I saw this commercial and I thought it was a joke, I didn't think anyone would spend so much time and money to give people Whoppers.

Anyway, I would love to exchange some cookies with you! My email is

Anonymous said...

Good grief! What a freaking joke. In a weird way.

Jes said...

That's perhaps the sickest video I've ever seen. It reminds me of the church missions trips I went on to South America where we imported good ol' american values to the poor, Christ-less heathens. sigh.

I kinda love the guy at the end who prefers seal meat. He gives me hope for the future!

Anonymous said...

i find it fascinating how americans tend towards feeling the need to impose our cultural 'advancements' on others less 'developed'


wtf mate?!

Amy said...

Oh dear. I heard about this on the news the other day but they didn't show the whole ad.

Funniest thing is is that the food the people served to the burger deliverers and film crew looked way better than the burgers did!

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. :(