Tuesday, December 11, 2007

1, 2, 3, Soy Nog!

( oh what do I spy? )

( yes, I do spy! )

( nicely labelled for later consumption - thank you mom!! )

I've never tried soy nog! Or any nog, for that matter. This should be good, I even have a little bit of whiskey with me - people do that, right? Mix whiskey with nog? Anyway, I bet it'll taste good.

I haven't been cooking so much, at least nothing that exciting. Mostly bean dips and soups for the family (really wishing I had my gluten flour around so I could show them something cool), but I'm looking forward to more creative opportunities over the vacation. Even if we're kinda low on supplies, I'm sure I can whip up at least a few batches of cupcakes, and maybe Dreena's chickpea tart for christmas. I was going to make a tofurkey, but it depends how many vegetarians come for dinner (and seriously, I'll be happy with stuffing and a little pumpkin pie - the 2 parts of holiday feasting I can't get any other time).

Also, with access to cable I've been watching the Food network a lot, and getting slowly disenchanted with it all. It's not so much that it's a bad little network, but damn that's a lot of olive oil being thrown around, not to mention the TOTAL celebritification of all their non-chefs - like today I saw that both Paula and Rayray have their own holiday magazines!! Holy overkill.

(I still love Good Eats though, and Bobby Flay, and okay so I have a kind of sick fascination with Paula Deen. She drinks butter! :D )


Kumudha said...

Soy nog sounds delicious!

And the variety of cookies in the other post look wonderful!

Anardana said...

OMG where did you/she find the soynog?? I'm going crazy.. I need my nog!

Also, I'm having a little winter solstice xmas feast on the 22nd.. would you like to come?

Jillian of Bitchin' Vegan Kitchen said...

I don't have cable at the moment, but when last I did I really only liked watching Alton and maybe Iron Chef if the secret ingredient wasn't a meat. I will watch Paula, Rach and Sandra Lee for pure mockery though . I mean Sandra Lee is like a drunkie Stepford Wife from hell, Ray-Ray finds endlessly dumb ways to repeat and rename burgers, hashes and "stoup" and for crying out loud- Paula *deep fried butter.* Oy.

Some links for your reading pleasure....

Deep fried death (read the comments!)


The infamous "edible hate crime" Kwanzaa Cake


Oh, and Rachael Ray has a non-profit devoted to helping kids cook and eat right... Apparently Bill Clinton was somehow involved. Check out the recipes.... I think between those two they *will* kill the kids...


Liz Ranger (Bubble Tea for Dinner) said...

thanks, Kumudha! ^_^

Anardana! sure thing, I'd love to come to a feast! Is it potluck-styles? I'll email you . :)

Julie - holy crap! I'd heard about that Sandra Lee woman but never seen her (she's not on Food Canada), but I did a little investigating on youtube after you posted your comment and WOW. Is pretty much all I can say. Scary lady, terrible show. O_O

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