Sunday, September 7, 2008

august in ottawa, pt 2.

I realized there are really only three things I haven't mentioned yet from my trip that are worth any sort of song and dance / notable mention - and all are highly deserving of the attention.

# 1 --
My sister's adorable cats! That sit in windows and watch tea gettin' made, scurrying into peach boxes and pretending to cut potatoes for our massive potato-wedge lunch whilst watching the new Project Runway episodes. Cuteness overload of the "kitties plus weapons" variety.

# 2 --
Going to lunch at The Table restaurant (a pay-by-weight buffet that's largely gluten-free and probably 96% vegan). I wrote down the details of every minute morsel shortly after enjoying this, but it seems I lost the notepad file on my computer... alas. To the best of my memory, there was tofu & nut terrine, corn fritters with sweet onion chutney, black bean & quinoa salad, sesame snap peas, dandelion greens, smoky tempeh chunks, ginger with shiso, sprouts, salsa and dehydrated crackers, mashed root veg, fried tofu balls, cinnamon-y couscous, mexican lentils, german red cabbage, chickpea nibbles, slaw, eggplant curry, zucchinis, and beets, and onions..... not to even mention pumpkin pie for dessert (as well as two kinds of chocolate cake - beet and raspberry - and apple cake, and date squares, chocolate pudding, and gingersnaps with gray salt, cayenne and olive oil). Best. Dinner. Out. Ever.

# 3 --
My sister's birthday cake, mango with avocado icing, as per her craaaaazy request. It was actually pretty good, especially the icing!

Adding chocolate chips to disguise it as a watermelon cake was highly necessary to my sense of humour, I assure you.
(also, they tasted good!)


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

That cat is too cute :0)

I love Project Runway!!


tofufreak said...

very clever watermelon cake! haha

where did you get the recipe for the avocado frosting?

Theresa said...

Squeeee! That cat with a knife is so cute!

I saw Alton Brown do Avocado icing on food network a few years ago and I've always been intrigued. Paired with mango? You've got my mouth watering!

Sarah P said...

mango cake with avocado icing?! GENIUS!!!