Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Like a ghost cookie from the land that posting forgot, K IS BACK!

*crunch munch crisp lunch.... *

A-so... it appears.....

Pomme's homestyle totally awesome-for-you date-sweetened rice-flour cocoa-banana-kamut crispies, just TRY and eat just one, it's impossible

Hiatus finito!  K is back on the keyboard!  And in the meantime, some things have, of course, changed.

 I moved, finally, back in with my best soul-mate P (or Pomme, for those who remember), which has been a wonderful and learning and growing experience like it always is.  I always think it's the path of challenge that is the one worth taking, and the challenge of love is really no arduous thing, especially when it means I can come home and breathe a sigh of relief for being around people who, perhaps more than most, understand me.  It's no small treasure, and I count my lucky stars daily.

It also means that I'm privy to her baking skills again, and since her cookies, bars, scones, and cakes are so different from mine I really really pounce on them.  It's funny how one's own cooking can never surprise and so is somehow less enticing.  She's all about the whole-grain, natural sugars, low-gluten and high-end organic ingredients, always done without a recipe and always tasting very massive and wholesome in the best possible way.  Think... deep cocoa and heavy vanilla use, too.  Anyway, it's been nice to trade off baking again, and though neither of us are very rich right now and have been rationing sugar and oil with a careful eye, it hasn't taken much to feel rich in other respects.  Like getting valuable practice filling the table with a peasant's panache - the kind that gets one to make homemade momo dumplings for a special chinese dinner without spending more than enough to get a set of sparklers.  (... because you need sparklers ! )

On that note - we're looking into starting a small personal chef endeavour.  It's a lot simpler than I realized at first, and fate (among other things - um, the recommendation of countless friends) has steered my excitement in this direction nonstop for the past week or so.  I'll update with any progress on that, of course, and in the meantime, there is finally access to a camera in the house!  With any luck, P herself may even start posting some of her own food thoughts, and there may be her own or a joint recipe blog coming up in the future.  

And with that - happy camera having!  And happy reading week to all y'all in university (my heart and blurry textbook-ridden eyes are totally, totally with you).  Namaste. ~_~


Tami said...

Happy changes in your life! I look forward to hearing about personal chef thing.

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! I love your postings, big and small. Hope everything goes well and I'm excited to hear more about you and your flatmate's baking funtimes!

Theresa said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to hear about the personal cheffing. If you were closer, and I were richer, I would hire you!

dreaminitvegan said...

What a nice surprise to have you back in the blog world.
Looking forward to reading about your endeavors as a personal chef. how cool!

Mihl said...

Welcome back and congrats both on moving back in with pomme and the chef thing.

Jes said...

Yay oh yay oh yay I'm so stoked to have you back! And I'm glad things are looking the right direction in your life. I'm with you on the paupered chef approach, but I've found that some of my most delicious and creative baking and cooking happens when I have zero spare change. I can't wait to hear about the personal chef thing too!

Levinson Axelrod said...

Crazy, I've never heard or seen anything like this! It sounds wonderful... especially if you're daring me to eat just one!