Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Orange food! Marigold, amber, sunset, mango, emberblush, citrus, tigerstripe, glow!

Oh, I am so procrastinating right now.  And isn't that *totally* the best time to blog, when it feels like a sneaky indulgent privilege to be able to write about all this stuff?  Hurray!  Southeast asian art, Foucault, and russian neoromantics be damned, all of them (at least for the time it takes me to write this, and then it's back to dandelion tea and the books.  which isn't so bad, nah....)

I didn't plan the colour scheme at all, but there it is.  Orange is a lovely colour to eat, cheery and usually sweet.  I may have mentioned the acquisition of my very first copy of Vegetarian Times in a past post - well, I made more than donuts.  The edamame and sweet potato collard wraps jumped WAY out at me when I saw them, basically 'cause I don't think I'd ever put those ingredients together in quite that way before.  There's even firm-soft tofu in here, and the only spice is cayenne.  In the end... they were good.  I enjoyed them a lot.  There was something odd about the texture I wondered about, but I think I was just getting used to edamame, which are way richer than frozen peas.  (I was an edamame virgin before this recipe you see - another reason to try them out!).  Ultimately I recommend it, although I liked the filling best of all over crunchy romaine leaves for added texture.  It froze really well, too.

Then I saw Smitten Kitchen's recent cornbread salad and deeply swooned over the concept of it all.  I think I saw it early in the afternoon and was eating it a few hours later for dinner, I was so jazzed about the thought.  So amazing this was!!  The tangy dressing soaks into some of the cornbread bites to make UbertasterBomsOfWow, and the rest stay crunchy and toasty and awesomely contrasty.  

Can we pause a moment to lament the atrocious photograph that I took of this salad?  

** moment of silence , snicker snicker **
delicious though.

I am a bit of urban harvester.  Just a bit, just here and there.  Kind of like Benjamin Bunny, and I spotted a green tomato peaking out from a trendy bar's front garden one Friday night while I was walking home and slightly drunk and I didn't figure it so bad to pop it off and dream of frying it up for dinner.  I see it as being a natural part of the city's ecology, you know.  And I plant things around.  Anyway, I fried it southern style and it was delicious!  Tangy and juicy and zestier than a red one.  Really good with egg salad beside it, too (ppk recipe, of course.  probably with extra mustard, if I was being myself that day).

Also from the Isa salad files, a very loose translation of the Prospect Park potato salad from the Vcon.  Loose, as in I had about 10 baby red potatoes and no desire to do any specific divisions of a recipe, so I just looked at the ingredients list and threw all of those things into the same bowl until it tasted good.  It tasted good!

These tasted okay.  I mean, the chocolate filling was the most intensely luscious sticky fudge sauce in the whole world and I was scraping it out of the pot like crazy to get the last smidge - THAT was amazing.  The cookies were only mehn, though.  Not so surprisingly, since they're just really fatty shortbreads that I didn't veganize well enough I guess, but anyway - Gale Gand's Orange Sandwich Cookies from Butter Sugar Flour Eggs if anyone's curious.  (Make that filling sauce, omg.).  And they sure are pretty looking.

And I tried to recreate one of the super hippy chunky crunchy veggie restaurant style cookie recipes.  You know the ones that are full of flax oil and/or spelt chunks and/or seeds and yet somehow are just incredible?  I kind of succeeded, kind of... okay, not really.  But I learned a lot about baking soda versus powder, and I have the beginnings of a fantastic sesame seed crust in my freezer right now... ha.   If anyone knows of a recipe that makes a big crunchy, browned around the edges cookie that tastes like a cross between a sesame snap and and oatmeal chocolate chip, do DO let me know.  I'll send Peppermint Ritter Sports, I promise.  :P


Jes said...

Sweet potato collard wraps?! Mmm two of my favorite things together! And I can always get behind fried green tomatoes, especially when they're foraged!

nora said...

mmmm i loved those wraps!! i thought they were delish, but didn't look great bc the crumbled tofu looked sorta nasty in the pretty colors of the sweet potatoes and edamame, you know?

that cornbread salad looks so yummy! i bookmarked it! how'd you veganize the dressing?

as for the cookie, i know just what you mean about giant health food cookies being a lot better than the sum of their parts.

you could try these? idk...just found them on search.

do you have simple treats? i think there's a hemp or tahini chocolate chip cookie recipe in there. you could add oats and stuff and make it chunkie? good luck! i look forward to your findings!

Vegetation said...

Mmmm I HAVE to make those salads!!! They both look fantastic.

I dare not make that cookie filling for fear I will eat an entire batch out of the bowl with a spoon!

T said...

Foucault waits for no man.... hehehe

It all looks fab- I love using cornbread crotons, I've done it with a caesar before too and it was super.

And as far as stealing the tomato... dude, restaurants should not be using viable food as decor. I stole some sage the other day from some Berlin bar just to make a point. (And a risotto.)

The Voracious Vegan said...

I LOVE all of this food! I don't know where to start. The wraps? YUM! Cornbread salad? Beautiful? Potato Salad? Yes please!!!

Ricki said...

So many great foods!! I thought the salad looked yummy ;). I've had cookies like the ones you describe (in Montreal, in fact) and have also tried to reproduce them. I'll let you know when I succeed. (PS--I thought Ritter Sport Peppermint now contained butterfat--have they changed back?)

Theresa said...

Those choc fudge sanwich cookies look fantastic, even if they didn't taste all that exciting. And good on you for reappropriating the green tomato. I like your style.

aTxVegn said...

Too many great looking salads! The cornbread salad is especially intriguing.

Your cookies look great! And that filling sounds fabulous.

Mihl said...

Orange and autumn belong together! Oh, how I love that potato salad as it feeds omnis so well.
And if you still can find vegan ritter sport peppermint, I should seriosly look for a cookie recipe now.Here in Germany they do all contain butterfat now :(

Vegyogini said...

I certainly wish I had a cookie recipe to share with you because I LOVE Peppermint Ritter Sports! I love them so much and now they're not vegan anymore. :(

The food in this post looks so good. I've never tried that PPK tofu salad, but I think I will very soon.

Sal said...

yum it all looks good. especially the chocolate cookies!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Orange is delish! The wraps look lovely & so does the tater salad.

Judy said...

I really like EDBV's 'Super Charge Me' cookies - they are big and crunchy and sweet and healthier than other cookies. Last time I made a batch they didn't even last til the next day :O

Hannah said...

I'm still drooling over those cookies, even if you found them underwhelming. I think the concept is great, and with some work, you can totally perfect them. I hope you keep trying, and I'd love to see a recipe like that!

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