Thursday, October 1, 2009

VeMoFo#1: legomen and faulty wiring has EVERYTHING to do with food, probably

It's here, it's here, its finally here!  I should have been there at the crack of midnight to herald in the spooky awesome best-month-ever, Octember!  I mean, October!  Yes!

There was a blackout a few days ago, and the only thing running was some moody candles and yeah, enough dwindling battery power for me to sort through my old food photos.  Which isn't so terribly important to mention I guess, except for how perfectly it sums up my feelings about the mofo!  Blog to the end!  Wow, I'm really into this this year.  I don't even have time!!  But I feel like having fun, I guess.  Tell some stories.  Stretch my abilities a bit, maybe even go out for dinner or try vegan cheese, actually photograph some of my favourite veggie haunts, make an instructional post, make some food art, etc, it's all good.

Oh yeah, and after a photo like that I just have to use the alterna-Mofo-banner, letting one's inner freak fly..

Maybe I'll have a movie themed dinner!

Or finish this post with a picture of lego vikings as a really really incredibly roundabout way of celebrating the fact that THERE IS NOW A WAFFLE IRON IN THE HOUSE!

is good times ya ?


Mihl said...

Happy mofo'ing, Liz!

Jen Treehugger said...

Happy mofo'ing indeed!

T said...

Yay, can't wait!

Cyn said...

Yay waffle iron! Waffles are the best.

Anonymous said...

Yay for a waffle iron! Homemade waffles are so awesome.

Vaala ◪ said...

Hahaha! Those lego vikings rock! Awesome :)