Tuesday, October 13, 2009

VeMoFo#13: Muffin ESP

Do you see the riotous waft of steam 'ploding off of the succulence?

Veganomicon: Mediterranean Style Lima Beans

Ahhhh, finally!  I'd had a container of giant limas in my pantry that my sister gave me for christmas from - oh, I dunno - years ago, waiting for this recipe specifically, so at last and hurray to myself for making it.  Perfectly delicious!  Like grandma never made, but I always wanted my kitchen to smell like she did it just like this.  

Shyly not mentioned is soft braised carrots and tofu... I've been a braising queen this fall

Also, before I forget, there was some crazy synchronicity happening in the blog-air when I made these muffins!  I mentally bookmarked and triple-underlined these miso pumpkin muffins when I saw them on the Just Bento site (another of my favourite internet places) and only just got around to making them - BUT - what did I discover but that another Mofo-er Cuny Queen had the exact same idea on that exact night.  Amazing!  

Verdict?  Texture is a bit gummy but the flavour makes me want to dance like this kid.


Mihl said...

Mmmm, I love those Lima beans from Vcon!
Deep fried butter? Sorry, but ew.

nora said...

Pumpkin miso muffins sound good!! ANy idea on how to make them less gummy?

Cyn said...

Ooooh, I love braised carrots, I'll have to try it with some tofu thrown in. What do you use for your braising liquid? And those vcon lima beans are ridiculously delicious.

Jes said...

Miso pumpkin muffins sound awesome. I would have never though to put the two together!