Sunday, March 2, 2008

r.i.p. camera (but the soup is awesome!)

I lost my camera last night! *sob* *wail* *gnashing of teeth* ..... *more sob*
There were a couple tears... but I definitely learned a lesson in there somewhere about scatterbrains, expensive toys, and wild nights on the town not mixing so well. Sigh... this is the last batch of beautiful food pictures, and then it's back to macbook camera for a while....

*okay, one more sob* ;_______________;

Now on with the food:

I'm trying to press and marinate my tofu more, cause I squish it up into mash a LOT, and eating it like this is probably a good exercise in patience and, uh.... planning. Plus chewy chunks of 'fu are the building blocks of life, or at least a dinner that resembles something you might want to throw some candlelight over. Or something. Anyway, it was yummy, and completely encrusted with sesames, totally worth the trouble. (with roasted eggplant and zuke on bass, lemon quinoa doing drums and glockenspiel)

Little mini enchilada casserole, with refried pintos, avocado chunks, salsa all over, diy-pitted black olives, and lots of Vcon cheezy sauce with green chiles in it for kicks. Also some tabasco was thrown around and appropriately enough there were corn tortillas involved. SO. FORKING. GOOD. msnarf and such.

I loves coleslaw so much... I'll probably make my way through every major variety before the summer's out. This one is kind of curry-based, with toasted mustard seeds, red chiles, cumin, wonderful long green raisins, thin-sliced green beans (to use up 4 green beans I had) that look PRECISELY like long green raisins (ha!) and almonds and stuff. I think I hit that sweet spot of coleslaw where all of a sudden it starts tasting like piquant juiciness and you want morrrre, which is okay, cause it's good for you.

EDIT: I found out the raisins are an Iranian thing, and they're called Keshmesh in Farsi. They're dried in the shade and aren't treated with sulphur so they're much more fruity and less sweet than the regular kind. This page describes them SO much better, though --

"Highly concentrated, like all dried fruits, keshmesh strike the palate with a trinity of flavors; pineapple, lemon and a nutmeg-tinged green apple to be precise. Even the sound they make when poured into a dish draws the attention as they delicately ping against the bowl like small hollow stones..." - Glass Petal Smoke


And finally, I can't recommend the Vcon tomato rice soup enough - I like, never (hardly ever) remake recipes in the interest of trying new things, but this soup has officially entered Rotation. I'm such a tomato-soup head, and this is basically what my belly wants when I start craving the red stuff (plus it's way more healthier than tinned goop <-- bonus!). And the moon biscuits? Well... I tried to quarter a biscuit recipe and only halved the amount of margarine, sooooo.... they didn't need extra EB slathering, I can tell you that. Good, though! I eated up every melt-in-your-mouth crumb with gusto. Now I go make myself chocolatey chocoblock chewy-choc cookies to make up for being such a stupid last night, or at the very least watch Nigella do the same thing, which is almost as good, and just eat a brick of Lindt. yay.


Theresa said...

mmm... brick of lindt...

Sucks about your camera!

And, I love the way you describe your food. Love.

MeloMeals said...

I'm so sorry about your camera.. that really sucks...

... that coleslaw looks and sounds like the perfect food.. seriously, I want it now!

TB said...

i would be sorry about your camera, except you already found it. yay! the mini enchilada looks fantastic and i've GOT to try that tomato and rice soup, that's one of my favorite flavor combos ever! yum.

Ashasarala said...

I am so sorry to hear about the camera! That's just awful. I know I'd be crying a lot, myself. But there are more important things in life, we must remind ourselves. Like yummy food! Did it work? Ah, well. I guess it'll take same time to heal. ;)

You've sold me on tomato and rice. I could go for some right now.

VeganCowGirl said...

Hi Yah!
Thanks for the reminder to press the heck out of my tofu with a variety of tasty yummy bits.

It does make a huge differences! I have recently started coating my tofu (before a good bake....pre-oven going to heaven) in fine polenta. Dead easy - tofu steaks - olive oil - slap over some polenta, stick on the cookie sheet. Yum!

Great blog. I am going to add it to my roll.

Liz said...

oh! That tomato soup looks awesome. I've been craving some lately and that looks perfect. But that tofu is really beautiful, too.