Thursday, November 6, 2008

chard and green beans, I like 'em.

Lunchtime: wake up leisurely and construct (reheat) some stuffed butternut squash from last night, with black rice, chard, walnuts, cranberries and red peppers inside (much inspired by jessy), with lemon sauteed green beans and a lovely white bean garlic sauce done pretty close to how Atxvegn made hers. Boomshakka, that plus coffee and then off to school.

Dinner: swung by chinatown on my way home to replenish my Sriracha and of course picked up some extra goodies to play with. Fried gluten balls, a strange turnip-like thing with lavender insides (anyone know what that might be?), dried kumquats (ew), salted black beans (yay! mapo tofu!), and dried black fungus. The fungus ended up in my tummy tonight! It's so weird and I'm hooked, it's all crrrrunchy in a mushroom way. I used this recipe, and threw some stir-fried chard with fermented bean curd along side, and ate it with ............. wheat berries. OH, it was good!


Alicia said...

I love your complete meals. Why do they look awesome every single time?!

Anonymous said...

Both of your plates look divine! I feel so inspired, and, er, hungry!

Anonymous said...

That butternut squash looks perfect!

LizNoVeggieGirl said...


Gluten balls??? Those would kill me, haha (I'm gluten-free).

Jes said...

That stuffed squash looks amazing! And the hilarious thing is, I just stuffed acorn squash this week. :)

aTxVegn said...

The stuffed squash looks wonderful! I ate my leftover bean and garlic sauce on all kinds of veggies and it was so good.

I'm curious about the root you bought. Do you think it was a purple variety turnip or rutabaga?

Eileen said...

ah, a realistic breakfast :) Granted, I usually bring my leftovers for lunch, but if you have time in the morning, this works even better.

Carrie said...

I just bought those exact same gluten balls at a Chinese market a few weeks ago...I haven't used them yet but they intrigue me!

jessy said...

hooray for your butternut squash! it looks soooooooo glorious! hooray for chard, too! it's one of my favorite greens! thanks for the shout-out as well! :)

lemon sauteed green beans sound too yummy! and your asian dish of deliciousness looks rock'n! i've never had dried black fungus - you always make such yummies with stuff i've never had before. i need to get a move on and branch out! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Anonymous said...

That all looks so delicious! Yum! I love goodies from Asian markets.

tofufreak said...

I LOVE BLACK FUNGUS (wood ears)!!!!!! hehehe :D looks yummy :D

Theresa said...

White bean garlic sauce for breakfast... sounds so good to me!

Anonymous said...

Yum yum. Oh the adventures of purchasing and eating unidentified materials from Chinatown!

Anonymous said...

Love the presentation with the whole squash- Looks so tempting!

VeganCowGirl said...

The squash looks fantastic Liz! seriously, what a yummy meal.

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