Tuesday, November 27, 2007

La Cucina Povera

So this is my kitchen, taking advantage of the wee bit of sunlight it gets in the afternoon hours. It's teeny tiny, the oven is about a foot wide and breaks constantly (it's currently broken. *weep*), the overhead light only works when the hall light is on, it faces a lovely adjacent apartment building and I'm running out of storage so badly I had to move my canned goods to a shelf in the living room. BUT, I love it!

Maybe because it's mine, and I've really stocked up a pantry of wonders over the past year (I was raised in house that bought ketchup by the crate and froze everything rather than throwing it out. Hording tendencies? Not surprising). And I really do like my tiny stove with the volcanic hotspot that turns cookies to char in mere minutes - once you know where the spot is, you can broil stuff right quick! Yay getting to know your appliances!

I don't have a picture of my beloved spice rack (made of two bricks and a piece of wood I found on Mont-Royal street = McGuyveriffic!), but I'll snap one tomorrow if I wake up before the sun sets. :)

Oh yeah - here's my dinner from last night: Italian breaded tofu, braised leeks & zucchini, marinara and almesan sprinkle). Not too fancy or difficult to make, (and my homemade
breadcrumbs were too gigantic to stick to the 'fu very well), but yummers. I just learned how to braise the other day, and, ummm.... I had a giant bowl of leeks for dinner tonight and that was it. So good.


Ashasarala said...

Your kitchen is cute, though I think I'd jump out the window if I had to deal with all those problems! haha But you're right- having your own, little kitchen is such a nice feeling. :)

Theresa said...

Your kitchen sounds totally punk. So long as it works for you, that's all that matters!

And from the looks of the food you post on this blog, it totally works for you.