Friday, November 30, 2007

VeganMoFo Pr0n Bonanza

I started hardcore veganing in august, and yes I have a computer full of pron so I'm leaking it out!! Happy Mofo everybody!!!

an overly crispy attempt to recreate Garibaldi Biscuits (british, delicious, very discontinued ;_;). When I was little my mom called them "squashed fly cookies", and apparently that wasn't just her twisted and humorous mind -- that's actually what they go by in britain! awesome.

creamy cauliflower soup, with turnip, white beans, potatoes, onions... pretty much anything white I could find. *excellent* with toasted pumpkin seeds on top.

eggless egg salad (from the ppk), with homemade crusty rolls.

The aforementioned crusty rolls (and crusty breads)! My first time using a poolish/starter, and soooooo worth it. Depthful, crunchy chewy yeasty best-bread-ever kinda worth it (I changed the recipe to be mostly whole wheat, and I can only imagine that made it even more flavourful).

Banana oatmeal chocolate chip bars from The Garden of Vegan. These are a throwback to the LAST time my oven died, as it's a microwave recipe, and actually I think nuking them makes them chewier and more brownie-like (a billion thumbs up on this recipe).

White bean and escarole soup with rye-garlic croutons. Kinda bland, but that's my fault for getting the recipe off of the internet, from among about 7 or 8 nearly identical versions. The croutons helped a lot.

Graham (gwam) crackers! Very very very good. I used raw coarse sugar instead of regular white and it made the texture really interesting and gave them a burnt caramel flavour. I love how they're not very sweet, these are probably actually my favourite cookies ever.

Broccoli-almond-tofu stir fry. Okay, super basic, but extremely nommish. (and it's a pretty picture!)

Black-eyed pea patties with sunflower sprouts and limeade. And barbecue sauce, cause that stuff is liquid yum, and have you ever tried sprouts with bbq sauce? Made for eachother, I swears.

And, as recently as last night - banana-chocolate pudding! I am so loving this pudding-for-dinner business I started doing recently. It's really no worse than a plate of creamy noodles in terms of nutrition (actually probably better), and there's something so fabulous about throwing a huge bowl of pudding in the fridge, going out for a night of what-have-you, and knowing you have velvety chocolate spoonlove to savour when you get home. (although last night it was so cold by the time I got back I nuked tomato soup with beanballs + broccoli in it instead - I could easily live off of tom-soup with a rotating roster of guest vegetables/grains).

more bonanza laterz! I still have a lot of pictures. :D


Rose said...

Everthing looks so great as well as inspiring :) I can't wait to cook tomorrow since it's when I have the most free time.

Great blog by the way!

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

wow, you've certainly been busy in your kitchen!! Despite the "squashed fly cookies" name (not very appetizing, haha), the cookies DO look quite scrumptious!

I'm also loving the crusty-bread/rolls, cauliflower soup, banana-oatmeal chocolate-chip bars (YUM!! but with carob, haha), white bean & escarole soup (ahh, too bad that it was bland!), graham crackers, broccoli-almond-tofu stir fry (pretty picture indeed!), black-eyed pea patties (BBQ sauce with 'em? brilliant!), and pudding look FANTASTIC!! I cannot WAIT to see more of the food you've been making lately!

Ruby Red said...

my goodness am i glad i stumbled across your blog! the garden of vegan is sitting on my bookshelf, just asking for some banana oatmeal chocolate chip bars (i'll be using carob chips, like veggiegirl mentioned) to be made! it's good to hear that microwave bars actually DO taste good! and gotta respect you for making homemade graham crackers. everything looks great!

Theresa said...

Loving the porn bonanza! Especially the BBQ sauce. My partner is obsessed with it. And with tomato sauce, as you noticed from the vegan omelette!

Anardana said...

Looks so good!!

As for the enjira, the restaurant we got it from sells it in bags daily, but not all places do that.