Tuesday, October 6, 2009

VeMoFo#6: Pirateships with grease inside! Vancouver nostalgia massive.

It's funny how cardboard folded to look like a pirate ship can make an ordinary grilled sandwich turn into a crazy adventure of proportions large enough to convince any red-blooded child that a bit of cajoling to go the White Spot restaurant is a good idea.

This place is not vegan.  We're in memory lane right now.

See, they had this ship, right?  It had little holes for a drink and an ice cream, and your burger and fries came in the hold.  Perhaps most importantly - your straw was the freaking masthead!  Shiver me timbers, that's amazing.  When you're a kid.

They called it a Pirate Pak and I obviously took it home a few times to play with, the same way I kept those little plastic swords that came with the fruit salad when we went out to chinese buffet restaurants with the odd jello desserts and the deep-fried everything.  They changed up the design of this thing a few times.  I remember running across it a few years ago with a sheet of stickers included so you could add characters and windows on top. !

See the bliss?  The feeling of specialhood?  I'm completely serious here, those fries were absolutely epicly delicious, because they came in a boat.

So here's my thought... I know some of you are in B.C., and have a White Spot nearby.  I'm not advocating you buy anything there, but if anyone wants to go on a Mischievous Mission™ to obtain just the ship itself and then send it to me, I will fill it with my own, painstakingly authentic vegan version of the classic Pirate Pak meal.  

New Vegan Menu:
~ Burger with secret O Sauce and cheese
~ Deep-fried french fries
~ a soft drink (organic root beer!)
~ soft serve vanilla ice cream
and I almost forgot --

~ a chocolate gold dubloon !

(I will also obviously send back your way a special east coast/montreal specialty, if you can think of something specific, or I'll just send something cool ;)


vijita said...

OMG, awesome post! I totally grew up with pirate packs. I looked forward to our BC trips primarily because I knew at some point I'd be pulling a grilled cheese out of a cardboard boat and topping it all off with ice cream and the CHOCOLATE COIN (best point by far)! If I wasn't heading to Japan tomorrow I'd go on the mission (great idea, by the way), but if you've failed to receive a ship by November I'd be happy to hook you up!

Debra said...

Great post!

Jes said...

Pirate Packs?!?! Canada has everything better!

Anonymous said...

I want to eat my food from a pirate ship too!

The Voracious Vegan said...

Hahah this is awesome! I want to eat my food from a pirate ship and I definitely want a gold chocolate dubloon!

Mihl said...

What a lovely idea!

Saad said...

I also completely increased up with sailing packages. I anticipated our BC journeys mainly because I realized at some factor I'd be taking a prepared mozzarella dairy product out of a paper vessel and leading it all off with ice lotion and the CHOCOLATE COIN

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