Monday, October 5, 2009

VeMoFo#5: An ode to picnics

I like to watch the old men slow motion martial art with eachother.  

I like big hunks of juicy hacked-at tropical fruit packed in a dish.
I like lemonade with a twist of lime.
A blanket that was once my curtain that was once my door, origins: a mystery!
2 new library books on esoteric art, published at the turn of the century, full of poetry.
Fall leaves clicking down, yellow and brown.
Lima beans!  Cooked in silky mediterranean sauce, and parsley-pesto stuffed heirloom tomatoes, with couscous inside and olives.
Kids splashing in fountains, parents in varying degrees of patience and exasperation, couples on benches, Hasidic Jewish families, hipsters, dogs, bikers, more leaves, breezes on warm-tingle-just-now-needing-gloves temperature settings.
Soundtrack to supper!
So much better than my own kitchen. ;)

(don't mind the first 15 seconds of ads - afterwards it's quite funny!)

Also, also!  I bought my first Maranatha peanut butter.... it's just like Skippy!  Nobody told me that, haha.  Well, it's like Skippy if it was organic and luscious and silky, which it isn't, but this stuff is.  Aaaaaaand a Mexican hot chocolate snickerdoodle, which I burnt, but will still probably eat because I love the taste of char (really) and with a 1/2 tsp of cayenne in these, HOOOO they were designed to be my favourites.  They're not wimpy!  Go go go make them!   Pretty faboo.

Also, I got my first bike since I was fifteen years old!  This is actually related, because it means I can have way more picnics, and way way further out in the city than ever before.  

I call her Moony because there's a little moon-shaped tear in the seat.  !
Her soundtrack goes to this, but with "moony" instead of "money"


Cyn said...

Awwww, I love picnics. Something about eating outdoors just makes everything awesome.

Tami said...

Picnics are the best! We made a goal of trying to go a picnic very week this summer. We fell way short, but went on more picnics that ever.

The stuffed heirlooms sound fantastic.

Jes said...

Bikes and picnics are a few of my favorite things! Yours looks rockin'. And that Mexican hot chocolate snickerdoodle? Making!!!

nora said...

I loveeee Maranatha, but didn't know it tasted like Skippy b/c I can't remember having Skippy before--it always weirded me out.

The Voracious Vegan said...

I love picnics and I love this post! You made me smile! :-) said...